The angelic eye uses healing modalities such as angelic reiki to bring balance in people's lives

The Angelic Eye



                   Angelic Reiki


Angelic Reiki has been channelled by Kevin Core and was given by the Archangel Metatron to human kind.

The ancient symbols have been imprinted to my auric field during my learning process and they hold the vibration and energy that will allow me to channel the Angelic healing energies. As an Angelic Reiki practitioner I will hold the space for you in a grounded manner for the Angelic kingdom to channel the most perfect healing needed for you at this moment in time. According to Divine will, the healing can happen at physical, mental or emotional level.

Many Light beings such as Ascended Masters or Divine presences can intervene during the energy channelling process for a tailored healing treatment.

As the vibrations in the planet increase, many clearings need to happen in order to ascend; Angelic Reiki can also heal at a cellular level through karmic ties from past lives.

Angelic Reiki energy to bring healing to physical, emotionnal or spiritual levels