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Commuting everyday is a general manner.

Everyone does, at any given time, getting from one point to another.

The issue with commuting is that people only enter into a state that is close to being unconscious.
Anything can happen during that time and you could be missing...

For any system that will be chosen or used the healing session will be carried in a similar manner.

The only difference will be in the energy that is carried by the system itself (i.e. Angelic Reiki, Reiki of Atlantis, Usui Reiki...) and the forces that will come to ass...

The Angelic Eye is now LIVE!

2017 is the Year of Change. 

Transformation and Transmutation will take place at many levels of your being. 

Spiritual Healing is the best way for you to embrace this Change 

Choose the modality that resonates the most with your...

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Stéphane - Sacred Healer

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