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The Angelic Eye



I am Stéphane,

The creator of The Angelic Eye

The Angelic Eye has come from the guidance of Spirit and it is only designed for the purpose of bringing Unconditional Love, Light and Equilibrium in the lives of people.

The intent is to induce a perfect balanced and grounded environment for healing to take place on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels and to better all living being.

After many years working in the hair and fashion industry, the spiritual world reached out to me for a change to happen. I have heard that call and I am now bringing healing to the world around us by channelling Light Beings such as Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and Fairies, as well as, the Universal Energies and to help the Light to grow. 

I have prided myself in helping people feeling confident in themselves by enhancing their external beauty. I now strive to help people realise that beauty comes from within not without and I help them connect to this through spiritual healing to a deeper level to bring forward the beauty within and their true potential.

Spiritual Healing can help everyone at anytime to bring transformation on all levels in their lives.


All pictures are taken by Stéphane ©The Angelic Eye
The Angelic Eye is proud to be Member of The Healer Foundation and the BCMA
The Healer Foundation
British Complementary Medicine Association
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