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                   Angelic Reiki


Angelic Reiki has been channelled by Kevin Core and was given by the Archangel Metatron to human kind.

The ancient symbols have been imprinted to my auric field during my learning process and they hold the vibration and energy that will allow me to channel the Angelic healing energies. As an Angelic Reiki practitioner I will hold the space for you in a grounded manner for the Angelic kingdom to channel the most perfect healing needed for you at this moment in time. According to Divine will, the healing can happen at physical, mental or emotional level.

Many Light beings such as Ascended Masters or Divine presences can intervene during the energy channelling process for a tailored healing treatment.

As the vibrations in the planet increase, many clearings need to happen in order to ascend; Angelic Reiki can also heal at a cellular level through karmic ties from past lives.

                   Reiki of Atlantis


The Reiki of Atlantis has been channelled by Edwin Courtenay; this ancient system was given to the Atlanteans from the Divine through the Angels. The Atlantean energy and high vibrations are fast returning; now revived and made available at this specific ascending time of the increasing vibrations on Earth.

Through clearings and awakenments during my learning process, I have been realigned to the Atlantean power and vibration.

Through the Melchizedek awakenment, I received the ancient Atlantean power symbols and these can be used for more advanced healing of the light body and the development of greater alignment and communication with the Divine. The power of Unicorns and Griffins, the Cosmic Elementals, as well as the power of the Sacred Geometry can also be used during the healing session.

                   Precious Wisdom


Precious Wisdom has been channelled by Alexandra Wenman with Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek and the Councils of Light in 2012.

The system uses Golden energy and ancient sacred power symbols and will focus in aligning people to step into their Divine self and own power.

Important clearings happen during the session at deep levels that may be unconscious to the client. Divine Golden universal energy is used in this fabulous new system to bring balance and transformation to the individual, always in a deeply grounded manner.

                   Divine I AM Transmission


Divine I AM Transmission system has been channelled by Vaz Sriharan.

Energy Healing Transmission is a relatively new form and, unlike many other systems, involves the channelling of energy into an open space, such as a room, directly from Source. Frequencies of Light, Unconditional Love, and Wisdoms will be channelled into the room for Clearing and Activations. Always connected to Gaia, our Divine mother, and connecting to the Planetary Grids for an integration of energies at Soul level.

You will be lying down and receiving the energy directly through all layers of your auric bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; from the cellular level to the multidimensional level.

Transmission can be offered for individuals and/or groups.

                   Usui Reiki


The Usui Reiki is named from Dr Mikao Usui that rediscovered this system.

In my initiation into this energy healing system, I received specific Reiki symbols that are used in a sacred manner to implement and channel universal energy to you. Usui Reiki will be the most basic energy system as many have now evolved, however it is still powerful and will benefit in a lot of situations, to balance energy centres called Chakras, increase energy levels, help with illnesses and many others.  

Stéphane - Sacred Healer

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