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Do Robots Breathe?

Commuting everyday is a general manner.

Everyone does, at any given time, getting from one point to another.

The issue with commuting is that people only enter into a state that is close to being unconscious. Anything can happen during that time and you could be missing so many opportunities! I see a lot of people walking to get their train, tube, bus or driving their car and, in the way, they only become robots in auto pilot. The message for today and for everyone that will thereafter read this: step out of it!

Become Conscious!

The first step is to be conscious that you are breathing. Yes! You are breathing! The auto pilot is starting to disengage as soon as you remember this tiny, but so important part of yourself. The air that comes to you is a divine particule, it is nourishing you as much as the water does too.

How many of you remember that water is needed while you are commuting?

Depraving the self from those most important elements lead to a disconnection that everyone can avoid right now.

Everyone privileges the fastest and shortest way to get to their destination. Fair enough! What about the way that might take 5 or 10 mins extra but that will get you out of your routine? I hear a lot people saying that they feel stuck in their lives. Take action now! The smallest detail you are changing today can have an impact in the rest of your life.

The butterfly effect, this little creature moving its wings here and creating a storm in the other side of the globe. Butterflies are symbol of change and transformation; loads happening for this magical creature.

The egg, the caterpillar, the cocoon and finally the magnificent butterfly. Let it be your totem in the following days, weeks and even months. 

You will start realising that by letting the butterfly work its magic on you, you will spot many of them on your way. 

This is an indication  that you are on the right track!

And do not worry about reading this in the winter, you can still spot the butterflies in shop windows, books, paper, anything that cross your path can be an indication that the magic is at play.

You just have to make it happen, Breathe!

Make the step today for the renewal in your life and the flow of new opportunities to come your way.   

Stephane @ The Angelic Eye

Butterfly effect

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