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What is happening during a healing session?

For any system that will be chosen or used the healing session will be carried in a similar manner.

The only difference will be in the energy that is carried by the system itself (i.e. Angelic Reiki, Reiki of Atlantis, Usui Reiki...) and the forces that will come to assist the healing energy in the room and for the client needs. This energy will be the most appropriate at this moment in time for the receiver, therefore every session will be energetically different and will not be comparable to any other session for the same client or any other person that would be attending a healing session.

As a healer, I will hold the client in a safe haven during the healing process. Always grounded, the energy will be flowing from the essence of the system utilised, free from any human perception, opinion or judgement.

It is also important to understand that from the minute the client makes an appointment, the healing process is engaged through the act of commitment to the self and the energies will start moving closer.

Another step that is as important will be the consultation prior to the healing session. Discussing the reasons that encouraged the client to make the appointment will be an invitation for greater change. Any conversation held during a session will be private and would stay undisclosed to anyone without the client’s permission or by requirement by law.

The healing session, depending on the requirements, can be done lying on a treatment bed or sitting on a chair. Crystals, candles, incense and relaxing music can be used during the session. The space itself will be dedicated and held for the most perfect healing to happen for the client.

Space will be provided after the healing session to share the client’s experience or to ask questions about the session. During all sessions, I am the vehicle for the energies to come from the higher planes; this is very different from a reading perspective and therefore messages or guidance cannot be provided at this time.

Energy and spiritual healing are a complementary practice that will assist greater changes in the life of everyone that attends a session. However, it can NOT, under any circumstances, replace professional medical service. If you have any medical concerns it MUST be discussed with your General Practitioner.

Stephane @ The Angelic Eye

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